Friday, January 18, 2019

                                                     Red Sonja at the Disney Studio
                              Aliesha the Psycho Hara Juku Girl Ryoko Matoi's Enemy Kill La Kill
                                              Merry Christmas 2018 Santa's Elf Gaurd

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

                                     Hip Hop Demon Monochrome Sketch
                Doing a Bobby Chiu Technique, I learned from class.  A technique that
                                      keeps you from coloring outside the lines.
                                                              Hip Hop Demon
           I wanted to buy those pants but their from a foreign country. I couldn't figure out how
                                                               to get them. Done without a line.
                                             Electra Catress Snow the Abominable Snow Cat
                                                              ALL MIGHT My Hero Acadamia
                                                   Joker Comic Con Cosplayer 2018
                                                     My turnaround and emotion sheet
                                                          Hara Juku Guy in Black
                                                                   Lil ALL MIGHT
                          With Marker and no line. A technique I learned from Marcelo Vignali
                                 Electra Catress Snow the Abominable in a white jumpsuit

                                                                 ALL MIGHT with line
                                   Asta from Black Clover with Marker and with no line
                                   A dog in the wind I drew on the computer in Wouter Tulp's class
                  She had purplish Brown hair. Her mother continues to let her express herself.
                                                                     Stubborn Girl
                        1-12-19 I was inspired to draw her again with anatomy again. I was
              inspired by Joe from Megalo box and the new Super Saiyan girl on Dragaon Ball
             Super. She went from meek to super buff and out of control! Poor thing.
                                                    Cupcake girl on Crazy hair day at work
                                        His Name is Angel. Crazy hair day at work.

                                                         My Instagram Profile April 2018
                                                                       Anatomy Studies
                                                           Virgil the Scientist Process

                                    The Uniwerewolf was born February 21, 2014
                                                     Virgil the Scientist and his weapons
                           Me as Raven from Teen Titans the Night Begins to shine with Harley Quinn
                    I dressed up as Raven for Comic Con 2018 and I took pictures with Harley Quinn.
              I saw her this day with red hair!! Wow her mom gets her started early with the hair color!!
Me with my African Dress I got 4 days after the International Community Day Sept 17, 2018. I tried getting it before but the dress didn't make it. I would have knocked them Dead at the International
Community Day!  O well, I still could go to an African American Party and wear it there!
                                                   Electra Catress Snow the Abomidable Snow Cat
                                    Fluorite Quartz Steven Universe Style Unimermaid Jem
                                                                Goo Jumps In Loish Style
                                                                 Jade Gaines Model Sheet
                                                Lilac Jade Steven Universe Style Unimermaid Jem
                                       Yvette.   Lagertha, Viking Warrior Halloween 2018
                                                       Booshi Neeko Dragon Goddess Process
                                            A memory Sketch of someone at work. Not Crazy hair day.
                                                    Black Savage the Panther Princess
                                                   Black Savage the Panther Princess Process
                                                     Cartoonis the Cartoon Leopard Geeko Process
                                                              Booshi Neeko Dragon Goddess
                                                                 Cartoonis the Cartoon Leopard Geeko
                                      Cupcake Girl steps up Crazy Hair Day at Work
                                                            Virgil the Scientist Emotion Sheet
                                                     Kenya the Demon Emotion Sheet
                                             My Model Sheet for Jade and the Golden Purse
                                           Me with my Sick African Dress From Abuja Nigeria
Ryoko Matoi from Kill La Kill aka Gigi Davis