Saturday, August 11, 2007

Kime's Uncertain Future

Insectavora. Another form of Character Design. I have my painting "Zippy" in the background done with Acylics and Oils. Its a rather large Canvas painting, so I just barely scanned a rather small piece of it to use for this Painting.
The Character Designs were colored in Photoshop.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Dd the Vampire

This is Denise Desires. She' s an alien from the great beyond. Denise had a great childhood in her great alien palace, however her childhood was cut short when an alien vampire took over her soul. Now Dd is doomed to live her life as an alien vampire. Forever.

The Original Spider Lady

This is a picture I created of three Spider Ladies from the Captain EO Showing at Disney. The Spider lady is the lady on the upper left corner but the Original Spider Lady is Sumerlie the mother, shes the lady floating in the middle of the picture. Profession: Shes a Spider Witch and mother of all the other Spider Ladies in the picture. Tarantula Long Claws is the Tall Lady and the one in the green, and Black Widow aka Spider Lady 2 is the lady transforming into a furry blue beast in the left lower corner.

Squid Bait

Squid Bait is another Character I drew. She is a sea witch. So this is Squid Bait in and out of water. Sort of resembles the Captain Jack guy on "Pirates of Caribbean". But I created her way before the movies even came out.

Zoo Emotions

I drew Koalas, African Painted Dogs, Zebras, Pandas, Rhinos, Serviles and Giraffes when I went to the San Diego Zoo.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Ranma is Concerned

Here is (one out of 3 portraits of him that I drew) a picture of Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2 I painted. I studied many Japanese people while I was staying in San Diego.
I drew this picture from a particular Ranma 1/2 show.


This piece of work is the first model sheet (out of 3 pages) of Insectavora (Lil Kime').

Wylde Tamer the Novelty One

Wylde Tamer Miss. Beast girl, yet another He-Man influenced creation, is the spider girl in the middle wearing yellow swinging on her spider vine! All of her friends are surrounding her. Including her Teacher Mrs. Crabtree, who is the lady in the pink on the bottom! No in the Novelty One she didn't use her beastly powers to control her friends, she learned to retract her claws so she doesn't hurt anyone!

Kime's Uncertain Future

INSECTAVORA. Kime is a girl who has a very feminine premonition. She is unaware of the horrible future that awaits her. She was only 6 years old when she was in a chemical accident in her chemistry class. This explosion killed everyone in her class but her. A water bug was crawling on the floor at the time of the explosion. Kime merged in with that bug. Kime now has four arms, two lips and four ears. Poor Kime. Kime returned to her parents after a rough day but her parents wouldn't accept her back. So she lived alone in solitude. She became evil and soon called herself INSECTAVORA Queen of all insects. WOW!

Werewolves Aahameotoko

Werewolves Werewolves is what Werewolves Aahameotoko means. This picture was inspired by my friends and the Hollywood Werewolf back in my younger days. I was going through my werewolf phase then. I enjoyed drawing everyone of them. I only created 3 of them not the one on the right who is the regular Hollywood werewolf!