Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cyrene Transforms

A picture of Cyrene the Panther Princess and what she transforms into. Shes acting surprised but she knows her own secret! I started this picture with just the two Cyrenes and got the idea to put the panther in later. I've been trying to paint this picture for awhile now.

NOOOOOO! Ic Blu turns back into Cheela.

Ic Blu the Evil Ice Queen is Cheela's alter ego. Cheela is trying to fight back. Cheela's Mentor Booshi the Dragon Goddess ( the hologram in the back) is encouraging Cheela to fight back. The Good guys will triumph over evil! Ic Blu will not win!

I am working with my own line these days. I hope you like!

Wydle Tamer

This is Wydle Tamer. She is a Spider Jungle Queen who controls the animals of the forest. She has claws that retract so she doesn't hurt anyone when she fights. She found that out when she was little.

This one took a bit of time. Enjoy!

The Metalic Armidillo

Here is a picture of one of my characters. He turns into
a metalic armidillo. I painted this one for the class I teach. This picture was drawn with pencil and painted with water color.