Saturday, April 16, 2011

Return of the Puffer

This is the Puffer Fish that was flying around Cartoonis in "Cartoonis in Lost Friends!"

The Return of Squid Bait

Shes in danger of becoming extinct. I need to post her now!

How to Draw LiL Centario Mod Sheet

I have my other characters as kids on here as well as kids I saw in town!

Lil Orko

The Little Court Trallon from HE-MAN!

Lady with Baby

Sketchgroup drawing!!


A Policeman Bowling at my Sketchgroup. He was dressed up real casual like!

L'l Flagle Dragons

A remake of what I drew in sixth grade! Their named after my Sixth Grade teacher!!

100 women contest

More to come on this one!!


Ranma is trying to tell Kuno something. This picture is the 2nd part of my Ranma Fan Story!

Ranma 1/2 Copyright Rumiko Takahashi

L Sketch Off

This is L in all his glory!!

Armando Armadillo Mod Sheet

Armando the Armidillo

Baby Robot Demonstration

This is a watercolor (watercolor marker) demonstration I did for my Gg's Cartoon Studio Class.

While Kira Sleeps (L)

L from Deathnote

Cyrene and the Solarbird Demo Reel

A short animation of two characters I created! Is she friends with this creature or is she the enemy.

Dollar Tree Memory Sketch

I saw this girl in line when I was going to buy something. I was ahead of her and she had these three items in her hand!

Beast Man

This is some Fan Art that I did! Beast Man is my favorite character from He-Man!