Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cartoonis and the Goddess Fire

Cartoonis is like Mrs. Fantastic from Fantastic four so to display her awesome stretching powers, she twists her tail into a twig (she stretches more!!)! She also likes campfires! Seems like the fire went from yellow flames to purple! Does that mean Booshi the Dragon Goddess is on her way?

Scorpisha's Double Ganger ,Tera the Child Protector

Tera is an avatar commission that was givin to me from a friend I met in a Rock and Minerial store. I haven't come up with a story yet only because Tera is not my character. Perhaps my friend and I could come up with something. So far all I can say is she is one of my character's doupleganger. So Tera does the opposite of what the evil Scorpisha does!