Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Drawings and More Characters

                                       A girl braiding her hair at a Bakersfield Football game.

                                                 Someone at my bowling alley sketchgroup
                                                 My Docters Comission: The Navy Nurse
                                                     The 3rd Purple Fire and the Cat Hats
                                 Tera Scorpisha's DoupleGanger and protector of Helpless Children
                                                   SquidBait and the Giant Sea Anemone

                                     My hair Dresser her friends and Some Fleagle Dragons

More Life Drawings and Characters

                                                              Ic Blu:   Look Ma, no Staff!
                                                            Two girls at my sketch group
....                                                    The Gadget Scientist and his Model sheet

                                             Cheerleaders at a Bakersfield Football Game
                                                                June Bug and The Roach
                                                                   My newest character

Some Life drawings and Characters

                                             I drew this girl when she was six.  Here she is eight.
                                      Someone with a Cell Phone outside the Bowling Alley.
                                                                   A Friend's Commision

                             L at 17 Done in Takeshi Obata's, Bobby Chiu's and Patrick Morgan's Style
                                      Cheela Solmes the News Paper Reporter and Traveler
                                                              Cheela's and Ic Blu's Model sheets

Life drawings and a Pluto Sea Dragon

                                                                      Getting my hair done.
                                                         Artist Friend at Our Art show!
                                                                     Pluto Sea Dragon
                                                   Captain EO and Various Characters
                                                         Booshi Goddess and Various people

Booshi Neeko's Model Sheet and Turnaround.

                                             My two year old cousin who is a memory sketch.