Saturday, June 10, 2017

                              Dr. Jykel Expression Sheet Stephen Silver's Fundamentals Class

                                                Memory Sketch of someone at my job
                                                                        She's a Vulcan

                                                                                             Sad Girl
                                                    Memory Sketch of a girl on my job
                 Marty a girl who works at a restaurant, came into the gas station to get a snack
                                                    Halley Berry aka Panther Girl
                                                                           Gypsy girl
                                                                     Renaissance Girl
                                                         Stacy Walker a new Barbarian girl
               1st assignment Wouter Tulp's Class Posebook Waitress on the computer
                                                              Girl at the Dollar Tree

                                                        Theee Girl at the Dollar Tree
                                                     Police Man Casual is a girl now?
                                              Glenn Vilpu Daniel Arriaga's Assignment
                                                          Stacy Walker Apocalypse Girl

                                                                  Stacy Walker is a Witch
                                                   Memory Sketch of some girl at the job

                                                          Same Gypsy: Different Style
 Georgette Leahy
                                                                     Georgette Leahy

                                                                   Posebook Waitress
                                                                          Shayla B

                                                    Cyrene for the Captain EO Line up

                                                     Cecelia the Alien Born June 8, 2017

                                                                           Georgette Leahy
                                                                      Georgette Leahy

                                                                         Batgirl Man
                                                               Lady in a bikini dress
                                                  Teen from the Commisary Store on base
                                                 Memory Sketch of a girl from my job
                                                                       Another Flapper
                   Wylde Tamer Expression and Action Sheet lookin like Linda from Bob's Burgers
                                                             Girl I saw at the Dollar Tree
                                               Georgette Leahy May 25, 2017
                                                      Georgette Leahy May 25, 2017