Sunday, February 21, 2010

Captain EO (Micheal Jackson)

This Is Captain EO. In 1987 Micheal Jackson played a 3d show at DisneyLand called Captain EO. He sang, danced and defeated the Evil Spider Lady. Hooter, the robot and Buzz the monkey butterfly was with him. Micheal Jackson will always live on forever.

Rebella the Cobweb Girl

Rebella was created by the evil Spider Lady (Captain EO's enemy). When Rebella and her brother Rebel realized just how evil she was, they both teamed up with Captain EO. Now Rebella continues to work along the side of Captain EO fighting evil.

Ic Blu's Model Sheet

This is a model sheet of my characters at little kids. Ic Blu is the character turning around and transforming into Cheela Solmes. To the upper left is Booshi Neeko the Dragon Goddess, Wylde Tamer, Rebella, in color is the snake girl Bitus Cadaula, and Centario under Booshi. Underneath the turnaround starting from underneath Centario you have Black Widow,in color is Rebella's Brother Rebel, Tarantula Long Claws, In color Kenya the Demon, Squid Bait, Cartoonis and Centario again.

Sketch Group Sketches

These pictures are sketches of people I saw at an Italian resturant in town. The lady in tone at the right is the same one sitting at the bench! I think she saw me drawing her!

Diwi The Demon

This is Diwi the Demon. He was good until he got influenced by the evil on his planet. Diwi turned into the Baddest guy ever! The Evil One, big and gruesome as his might, Diwi ate as many people as he could. Everyone tried to escape, but Diwi was too fast for them. BEWARE OF THE EVIL ONE! One day, Diwi fell in love with a demon name Kenya. Diwi shrunk himself back unto the cute and lovable demon you see here before you.

Down with Noon Duty

This is Ic Blu the evil Ice Queen. Her Ego is Cheela Slomes. Cheela and her Guardian Booshi the Dragon Goddess tries to stop Ic Blu in her attempts to rule the world in a sheet of Ice. This is the Ice Queen in her Evil State.