Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Recluse or Black Widow turnaround model sheet

Its a correction from drawing this character a long time ago. I remembered all the corrections that needed to be made even though this was getting portfolio reviews at Comic con.

Marcelo Guerra Marker Tone

All of these Caricatures I did is the result of being inspired by so many japanese Character Artist. I had fun but this one I did with an american animation technique I've known for a long time!!

Bitus Cadaula age 16

This is another He-Man submission (3rd one) that I turned in earlier this year. Most of my Characters were inspired by He-Man. I thought it was a good fit. Bitus Cadaul is a real snake. My character is Evil!!
Sato Shiori is a very Popular caricature artist in Japan. I saw a picture of her taking pictures at a friend's Art show and she was having so much fun! Here she is.

Cyrene Panther Princess Banner Back?

I forgot to add her to the back of my banner and now I am having second thoughts. I might make a new banner and name it the art of Ivonne Goodman. I would still use the first banner though!!

Marcelo Guerra Tone Caricature

I am experimenting on the Different Caracture styles done by many Japanese people that I have been meeting recently.

Marcelo Guerra 2

This picture I didn't like but somehow it turned out quite good for a person who hasn't done a Caricature since she was 11. I just didn't like the big heads and small bodies. I guess Caricature have changed alot since then!!