Monday, September 3, 2012

Izi Art Cast assignment 2009 is seen again 2012

Graduated from high School and ready for cosmopolitan school, I met this girl years ago while I was working preparing for a test. I saw her twice that day and drew her according to an assignment I got in Stephen Silvers Art Cast class. In
 2009, Izi was drawn as a memory sketch. I've seen her in town many times since then, but forgot to draw her the last time I saw her and then I saw her again yesterday. Now since shes ready to move on, I might not ever see her again. This is izi maybe for the last time.

The Original Diwi the Demon

Here is the original Diwi that I drew but drew in a tiny sketch pad then I miss placed it. I did Diwi in Color pencil but changed my mind about doing the Bobby Chiu on this one. I figure if I drew 2 two more furry animals then I would have this technique down! So I did another diwi exactly as planned in the Bobby Chiu technique but it wasn't this one. Looks like I am going to be doing this one after all. After this, I would have finally mastered the Bobby Chiu technique!! And I saved this picture to a disk before but I have so many disks. Now that Diwi is on my website now and I still don't have time to color him, I have him here, my sticks and my many cds. I'll come right here! Diwi, you will finally be Bobby Chiued!!