Friday, February 24, 2012

Captain EO's Crew and Enemies

The good guys who work with Captain EO are black and white all but one who is invisible or looks like shes on the beach. Those characters are from the top, Wylde Tammer, Cyrene, Booshi the Dragon Goddess and Chamel a Girl. The Bad guys in color are from the top and down, Dark Shadola, below her, DD, Squid Bait, Insectavora in black, Dd's new alien Vampire form and Black Widow on the top.

D.d. The Alien Vampire

This is D.D. Denise Desires the Alien Vampire. Once an inocent little alien until she was left alone by accident and got takin away by the space vampire elite! Oops. Poor Dd! She was never the same again!