Saturday, June 20, 2015

                           Black Savage and her Staff. This is the way she is most of the time 2015
 A Big Barbarian Girl drawn in angles. She was also drawn using the Micheal Mattesi technique 2014
                                                    Some people I saw at Wal- Mart 2014
                                             A model using the Micheal Mattesi Technique 2014

                                                     Country Singer Kacey Musgraves 2015
  I was Challenged to draw three people everyday for five days and these are the best pictures I have here.
                                           A drawing I did with the bridgeman technique
                                                                          Black Savage
                                                Black Savage Model Sheet: Expressions
     Booshi Neeko the Dragon Goddess. Also Goddess of nature and Godmother of Cheela Solmes 2013
 Izi: A girl I see along my artistic Journey and I've drawn her many times. She poses for me.
                                  Electra Catress the Abominable Snow cat's Silhouette 2015
                                               Holy the Dragon the Christain 2015

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