Monday, May 30, 2016

Stephen Silver Advanced Character Design Assignment 3

In this assignment, I had to draw someone famous and I chose Micheal Jackson. I drew him many times already so I was already on top of my game when I drew Micheal this time!  So I studied Micheal's face and thought the drawing of him on the left, the one with his square face and triangular chin to fit his Character.  The Micheal Jackson on the top has the proportions of Gru from Dispicible me. The Micheal on the left I drew like Gru body wise. I just drew these Micheals Jacksons.  The one on the right was drawn in 2013 where he is drawn in my style and 6 heads tall.  I also just realized that this Micheal Jackson was drawn with regular ink pen (blah!!) But he turned out good anyway. Hows that!! I had fun drawing Micheal Jackson this time!


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