Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rich guy again. Stephen Silvers Fundamenals of Character Design again 5-1-16

Description :
NAME: walter chipwitther
WHO: wealthy entrepreneur
AGE: in his 60's WHERE: London, 2011 PERSONALITY: jolly, full of laughter, enthusiastic man happy to be alive and well.
CLOTHING: Wears a bow tie, smoking jacket and monocle
LOOK: Heavy set, around 5'6 

The purple is from the first time I was in this class and the red guy would be this time that I am in the class. I have to take the class again because Stephen Silver told me it was best I did. I hope this time I get the fundamentals. When I took this class at first, I knew how to do all the assignments. I just didn't know it at the time. I worked real hard and spent twice as long on each assignment. I hope this time my hard work will pay off. This time, I plan to draw a new character per assignment so I can do Gesture Construction anatomy and technique and every other technique included. This should work. Then everything will fall into place. Wish me luck this round.

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